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    Culinary Wellness Kitchen

    Culinary Wellness Kitchen

    Real Food Nutrition for Wellness

    Learn new Functional & Culinary insights to delight your taste buds and encourage immune system balance. Discover which delicious foods & spices can be the support your body needs to heal & thrive.

    Functional Nutrition

    Understand your body & what's going on in there! Simple insights to keep you feeling energetic & full of vitality. Discovering your unique root causes for empowered resolution!

    Mind Body Tools

    How does 'Wordlessness' calibrate our body to a new world of understanding?

    Learn how to listen to your body before any judgement takes root. Allow your body wisdom to guide you to true health.

    Hello Friend, Learn from our

    'Weekly Wellness Tips' & 'Culinary How-To'

    videos so you can live symptom-free!

    We bring you the how-to craft so you can enjoy the goodness!


    I'm Dawn Urquhart, a Functional Nutritionist and founder of Nourished Whole Body Wellness & Culinary Wellness Kitchen & Real Food activist. I teach women how to take back their health & know their power. I'm happy to be your guide!

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